Deepfake Detection Services to Detect the Images and Videos

Deepfake detection services to detect the fake videos and images made using the AI and machine learning based technology. Actually, such images are created to make the fake video or image of the popular, celebrities and renowned personality to defame them or gain the high viewership on such videos just for fun and non-intentional actions to post on social media and other platforms.

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How does Deepfake Work?

Deepfake videos seems like a original content having the person doing some kind of action or speaking on a topic. While creating such fake videos, multiple images of the targeted person from different angle is used to superimposed on original face.

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How AI Can Help To Stop The Deepfake?

The fake videos containing the face of another person swapped on another person influencing people believe on such deepfakes. But thanks to AI researchers from Albany University such Deepfakes can be detected by analyzing unique fingerprints in the digital file.

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