Deepfake Detection Services to Detect the Images and Videos

Deepfake detection services to detect the fake videos and images made using the AI and machine learning based technology. Actually, such images are created to make the fake video or image of the popular, celebrities and renowned personality to defame them or gain the high viewership on such videos just for fun and non-intentional actions to post on social media and other platforms.

Detect Deepfake Images with Accuracy

To detect the images or videos accurately original images from different angle are sued to check the faces by the Deepfake experts. And when the fake images are manually detected it is exposed to make it fake so that people believing in such images seems more original. Cogito provides the Deepfake detection services to detect such fake images with high level of accuracy.    

Deepfakes Video Detection Services

Just like Deepfake images, Deepfake videos are also made to target the poplar celebrities like politicians and actress to defame their personality or as take the revenge from other perspective. But Cogito can detect such Deepfake videos by detecting the voice, lips movement and other expressions with the image or video of original personality differentiating the two personalities.       

deepfake services

How Cogito Detect Deepfake Videos?

Detecting such Deepfake videos is not an easy task but Cogito has such highly experienced team of experts to detect the fake videos with accurate results. Cogito use various parameters like quality of video, crop effects around the mouth, eyes and neck or irregular blinking of eyes, unnatural movements or inconsistent skin tones and changes in background or lighting and hair style or color. 

Deepfake Detection Services with Cogito 

Cogito is expert in recognizing the fake contents including audio, images and videos containing the fake face any other person. Any kind of superimposed picture or videos sees very original can be easily detected using the data bases of large number of popular celebrates. It is also providing Deepfake detection dataset for machine learning and AI with data annotation for face recognition.

Cogito is also involved in image annotation services to annotate the images for machine learning and AI development. It can annotate the images for face recognition using the landmark annotation technique that is usually done for AI in face recognition. Working with team of highly skilled and experienced annotators, Cogito provides the high-quality training data sets for machine learning and AI.


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