How does Deepfake Work?

Deepfake videos seems like a original content having the person doing some kind of action or speaking on a topic. While creating such fake videos, multiple images of the targeted person from different angle is used to superimposed on original face.

Images only compromised with faces and other body parts, to make it look original while in videos, the voice is also cloned with targeted person using the AI-enabled tools to simplify the process and match the lips moving according to words spoken.

The Deepfake videos affects life of popular personalities in our society. Politicians, actors or actress, other celebrities and notable personalities from corporate world. AI and machine learning based tools are used to generate such contents. But with the help of Deepfake detection services helps to identify such fake videos correctly.

And Deepfake works like creating a sensational news stories about popular personalities that people love to watch and also share with others or include into their gossips. And Deepfake porn videos gets more attention invites more hitting on adult sites increasing online their visitors count.

deepfakes video detection

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