Sentiment Analysis Services for Machine Learning API and Tools

Understanding the feeling and opinions of the people are important to serve them better. Sentiments analysis us the right way to find out what and how people are thinking about an action, social issues, news, events, new products or services launched by the companies and business organizations or its existing services etc. API and Tools developed on AI or Machine Learning principles can get datasets with best level of accuracy.

There are various online platforms to perform the sentiment analysis from various sources. Social media posts and comments, reviews, feedback and other statements can be analyze minutely to comprehend how people are responding and what are their reactions. The main object of sentiment analysis is towards a particular product, service, company, campaigns and activities that helps marketing experts to offer the better products and services to the customers.

Sentiment Analysis Services by Cogito:

  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  • Opining Mining Analysis
  • Social Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Mining Analysis
  • Social Listing Analysis
  • Icons and Emojies Analysis
  • Feedback and Comments Analysis
  • Review and Rating Analysis
  • Multiple Language Analysis
  • Spam Detection and Analysis
  • Brand Reputation Analysis
Sentiment Analysis Services

Cogito offers sentiment analysis services to develop intelligent or AI-based applications, that can perform this task accurately. With the help of natural language processing engine, our sentiment analysis process is able to read the minds of people from various background and helping everyone to work accordingly or as per the trend and favorable thinking or our society. Cogito is also known for sentiment analysis with right API and tools helping AI developers to create a model that can automatically analyses such contents on various platforms. Source


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