Deepfake Detection Company and Services

What is Deepfake Technology?

AI powered Deepfake detection is possible with human eyes, and combination of such high-end technology, that is now offered by Cogito. All types of fake videos, images or manipulated audios all can ruin the personality of well-known individuals. Politicians, actors and popular celebrities are the prime victims of Deepfake technology, that allows to swap their faces and voice on other erotic individuals to gain a popularity in the market place.

Cogio has developed such environment where such fake contents are closely watched by the experts to detect the truth and expose the same before it goes viral influencing more number of people. Its experts compare the fake and original images from different angle or checking the faces to detect the fake images with best level of accuracy.

Deepfake services

Deepfake Detection Services by Cogito:

  • Deepfake Image Detection
  • Deepfake Video Detection
  • Deepfake Audio Detection
  • Deepfake for Celebrities
  • Deepfake for Pornography
  • Deepfake for Politicians
  • Deepfake for Popular Personalities

In Deepfake services detecting fake videos is one of the biggest challenge for experts, but Cogito has gained the expertize to detect all types of Deepfake video by checking the quality of video that contains crop effects around the mouth, eyes and neck or irregular blinking of eyes, unnatural movements or inconsistent skin tones and changes in background or lighting and hair style or color to ensure its originality and authentication. It also provides training data for deepfakes machine learning to develop an AI model for detecting such contents through machines.

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