Artificial Intelligence in Urban Management

AI in urban management is becoming possible with well-trained AI system and applications to gather the various details while developing such urban cities. To train the AI models used in urban management a huge quality of training data sets required for machine learning. Cogito provides, the wide ranging image annotation service to annotate the object of interest in the images and making it recognizable to model.     

Annotation for Urban Landscape Design

The urban cities or towns are annotated to create the urban landscape design for AI model to develop the similar city. Image annotation services to develop drones for urban planning and management. The image taken form blueprints are annotated precisely to train the new drones and similar types of huge images can be annotated by the Cogito that is providing the image annotation services for AI.    

Aerial View Mapping of Urban Houses

The urban cities developed with well-organized layout plan can be viewed and monitored with drones. And to train such drones machine learning training data is required. Cogito provides, data annotation services to annotate the images of urban houses to make it usable through computer vision algorithms. It can annotate all types of images for urban planning and management through AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Urban Management

Line Annotation for Urban City Route

To develop a well-organized roads and streets in urban management, the line annotation service is available to annotate the images making such streets recognizable to machine learning models. Cogito, provide the line annotation also for autonomous vehicle development to detect the right lane and path on the road. Similarly, to develop such streets in urban cities, labeled data can be used.      

Satellite View in Urban Management

To get an overview of entire urban city or town, the image taken from the satellite or space is also used in machine learning for urban development. Making the area, including fields, houses and other objects recognizable to computer vision through machine learning is possible with similar training data sets. Cogito image annotation services for urban management and planning. 

Traffic Monitoring and Management

Monitoring the vehicle traffic is one the most challenging task in urban planning and management. Vehicles running on the road can be recognized with the help of data labeling process that can make the vehicles recognizable to machine learning models. Cogito, provides bounding box image annotation services to annotate the traffic for automated monitoring in urban planning and management.   

Urban City Layout Plan Management

The plan layout of urban management while developing such cities through AI is another challenging task. But when right training data set is used to develop the model, than urban houses can be detected and recognized for organized planning and development. Cogito provides AI urban management training data to annotate the houses with right technique to produce the high-quality data sets.



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