Text Classification Service for NLP Machine Learning & Sentiments Analysis

Classifying the text means, categorization the key texts and assign tags to make it more comprehensible and understandable to natural language processing or natural language understanding algorithms for machine learning and AI based model developments. It is done manually, by the skilled and knowledgeable annotators who easily classify the texts that are important while processing the sentence in machine learning or deep learning.     

Text Classification NLP

Text annotation for natural language processing or NLP is done with extra care and precautions ensuring that each texts is classified in the right category making it understandable with extra care and precautions. Text classification is done and available in various formats like mails, chat conversations, websites, social media and online portals.

Text Classification Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Text classification for machine learning is basically done to train the NLP or NLU based AI models that can understand the texts used between the human conversation. And texts are classified for supervised deep learning to make sure each text in the entire sentence more comprehensible with accuracy. Cogito is providing the text classification service for machine learning and deep learning.   

Text Classification for Sentiment Analysis

Text classification is also useful in sentiment analysis to understand the sentiments of the people through reviews, comments and feedbacks. When texts are classified, they are kept under a certain category so that sentiments of the different types of people. Cogito is providing the text classification for sentiment analysis with better level of accuracy for right analysis and forecasting.   

Text Classification

Text Classification Dataset

Companies developing the NLP or NLU based AI models can get text classification dataset at Cogito with world-class classification and annotation service at affordable cost. It can classify the huge amount of data in well-organized manner to make it available for machine learning model training. With Cogito get the best quality and accurate text classification dataset at very affordable pricing.

Get Text Classification Service at Cogito

Cogito is specialized in data processing related various services like data collection and classification, hence also gained expertize in text classification with meta tags and added meta to make the entire sentence understandable to NLP or NLU based machine learning models. It is also provide the text annotation service for deep learning and highly complicated model training.

Originally published at Here on March 27, 2020.


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