What is the Role and Future of AI in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics?

AI in medical images are now already playing a crucial role in detecting the various types of diseases helping doctors to get the right decision and provide the timely medical treatment and care facilities helping patients recover at less agony.

Currently AI is already used to detect the various types of diseases faster than doctors with better accuracy. Radiologist examine the medical images carefully and find the actual problem while AI-enabled machines also do the same but at faster rate, though there can be some deviations, as in case of confusion or for more precise diagnosis doctors also consult with other doctors or medical experts having the deep knowledge and experience in the same filed.

However, still it is not used at large scale because AI companies are not getting enough or relevant data sets to make the medical recognizable with accuracy. Actually, availability of such images are not a problem, but finding the annotated images is the bigger issue.

Image annotation is the techniques done by the radiologists to annotated the problem area in the medical images like X-ray, MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound which are later used in training the machines through computer vision for developing the AI-based automated systems that can automatically detect the similar diseases when such images are displayed.

healthcare training data

When AI will Analyze Images at Large Scale?

Availability of training data for developing the AI model is the key factor needs lots of improvement in terms of getting the huge amount of data sets at low cost. When such medical images will be available in annotated formats in large scale at low cost, then it would be easier and more affordable to develop the AI model at low-cost.

And when accurately annotated medical images will be available then the AI will be also used to analyze the images at bigger scale. The more qualitative and quantitative data sets available in the market for training the AI-supported machines the more such machines would be developed at larger scale resulting the more use of AI in analyzing medical images. Below you can read how AI in healthcare will play a key role in medical imaging.

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How to Get Annotated Medical Images for AI Model Training?

Getting the annotated medical images is another challenging task, as the quality and accuracy is important factor that can affect the AI model predictions. Cogito is one of the companies providing healthcare training data in annotated images formats. It has qualified and experienced radiologist to manually annotate such images using the best tools or software to make every image usable as a training data for machine learning and AI developments.


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