How to Data Sets Annotated for Sentiment Analysis in the News Headlines?

To make understandable the sentiments of the people by the AI model, a huge amount of training data sets required for machine learning. And language annotation is the right process to annotate the key texts in a document and make it comprehensible to machines.

In news headlines there is some sentiment hidden in the language and making such language recognizable through various modes of annotations. People talking about anything with good or bad intention, all can be make understandable to AI models through annotation services.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Customer sentiment analysis is basically, analyzing the feedbacks, reviews and comments of the customers on social media, your website, your customer support center or any other place meant for taking customer’s feedback.

Once such data is gathered and analyzed, you get to know the actual sentiments and feelings of your customers. This feedback and reviews contain useful business information through multiple channels help your business improve the service. News headlines are one of the best source of information to estimate the sentimentalities of the people talking about anything.

sentiment analysis services

Data Annotation for Sentiment Analysis

To make the language data like texts, audio or speech in the videos understandable through AI based sentiment analysis models. NLP annotation, entity annotation and text annotation is the popular language data annotation to make such things understandable to AI models.

In news headlines people taking about certain things need to be understand. Positive, negative or neutral sentiments of the people, helps to find out their state of mind towards specific topic, product, services, company or brand popular among the audience.

New data annotated to analyze the sentiments of the people helps the AI models learn from such data and next time analyze the sentiments of different people. Actually, in data annotation certain notes and metadata is added to the important words or phrases, so that while feeding into the machine learning based language algorithms, can understand the situation and give the accurate results in real-life.

How and from where to get Data sets Annotated for Sentiment Analysis?    

If you are looking for annotated data sets for sentiment analysis, then Cogito is the best online platform for data annotation. It is providing the language based annotation service with NLP annotation, text annotation, and entity extraction annotation for language based machine learning training.           

Cogito also provides the sentiment analysis services to understand the, feeling, views and opinions of the people from different angle. It can also provide the high-quality data sets for sentiment analysis in news headlines or media articles. It can annotate any kind of data and also analyze the sentiments of different types of people to make sure machine learning algorithms can learn precisely.

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