What are the Best Content Moderation Companies and their Qualities?

Moderation is simply the task of moderating the content and anything to make it favorable and acceptable to everyone. In digital era, the concept or content moderation arise with motive to control the different types of contents from the online platforms like social media and online forums.

What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation is the technique of moderating the unwanted contents from digital platforms. The user-generated contents like texts, images and videos are moderated if found objectionable or against the social media or online community. Basically, content moderator performs such tasks by keeping an eye on the contents posted by the end-users across the social networking sites and other channels.

Social Media Content Moderation

The most widely used and posted online platform to post such unwanted contents are social media networking sites. And social media contents moderation is the service also performed by the content moderation companies to control the different types of contents. The offensive images, objectionable texts and obnoxious videos posted on social media need to be removed immediately before it goes viral and social media moderator can control such content with immediate effect.

content moderation

Content Moderation Companies 

Apart from in-house moderators, social networking sites have their own content moderation team to perform such tasks independently. But dealing with huge quantity of unwanted contents is not possible with team of small annotators, hence social networking sites hire content moderation companies. And these moderation companies have large team of content moderators to perform such tasks effectively.

Top Content Moderation Companies

Owing to increasing use of social networking sites and free online platforms, more number of people are posting many unwanted contents. And envisaging the ever increasing demand of moderating such unwanted contents, there are many moderation companies came into this business. And finding the best moderation companies is difficult especially, contents are more sensitive in the nature. Accenture and many other IT or BPO companies are also providing the content moderation service.  

How to Find Best Moderation Companies?

The question arise here which one is the best moderation companies offering the content moderation and social media moderation service with highest accuracy at competitive pricing. To find the best moderation company you have to consider various things in the mind to make them comparable from each other and decide which is offering better service at lowest pricing.       

Qualities of Best Moderation Companies:

  • Effective Campaign
  • Brand Protection
  • Customized Service
  • Quality Control
  • Cost-Effective Service
  • Accuracy in Moderation 

Though, there are different types of moderation companies, and Cogito is one of them, provides the best-in-class content moderation service at most affordable pricing. It is working with team of well-trained and experienced moderators to detect and remove all types of contents from online platforms. It can moderates contents on real-time basis protecting reputation of brand of your company.      

Cogito is providing the UGC content moderation service and social media content moderation service to detect all types of contents including texts, images, videos and other contents posted on social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn as per the client’s request. It has expertize to remove all types of contents posted but against the community of such social media networking sites.


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