What are the Features of AI Security Camera and How it Works?

AI-enabled cameras nowadays are highly in demand due to advance monitoring system. Compare to old-age security cameras, now thanks to AI technology, cameras are now equipped with more advanced features to provide the more comprehensive detail of surroundings with more clear scenarios.

New Advancements in AI Security Cameras 

Actually, nowadays camera comes with multiple features like detection the objects and recognizing them, what category or group it belongs. Apart from that, AI security cameras can also detect objects in dark environment or during nights with night vision technology.

Moreover, AI security cameras now comes with motion sensor technology, to stay on sleep mode when there is not object or movement at focused area and wakeup to record or capture the objects as it comes in front of the camera. These cameras are moveable and moves according to the movement of objects to record its activities and send it to the owner.

List of New Features AI Security Cameras:

  • High-resolution Recording
  • Infrared Night Vision Technology
  • Motion Detection Alert System  
  • Live Recording & Processing
  • Multi Device Accessibility
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • High-capacity Memory Storage 
  • Two-ways Communication
  • Face Recognition System
  • Thermal Scanning of Humans
  • Waterproof and Dust Resistant   
  • Encrypted Data Security & Privacy

How Does AI Camera Work?

AI security camera is built with advance computer vision technology to detect and recognize the objects just like humans. And to detect such objects it is trained through machine learning datasets. A huge amount of training data with right algorithms is used to train the AI security camera making it intelligent enough to take decisions while detecting such objects or in various other scenarios.      

AI security camera system

Object Detection in AI Camera 

To detect humans or other types of objects image annotation process is used in machine learning. It can annotate the objects with unique technique to make it recognizable through computer vision. And huge amount of similar training data sets are created to train the AI security camera models.

Face Detection System in AI Camera

Similarly, to detect the human faces, landmark annotation is used to create the training data for machine learning in AI security camera. This image annotation technique annotate the human faces meeting from one-to-another point measuring the face dimension and other attributes.

Voice Recognition System in AI Camera 

The new age of AI cameras are trained with two-ways talk-back system allowing the owner communicate with anyone through such cameras. And few cameras are built with virtual assistant system to answer various questions of people in their native languages.

And to train the voice recognition system, natural language processing with text annotation and audio annotation are used to train the AI camera model. When trained with huge quantity of language or speech based training data AI camera becomes capable enough to understand the human language and ready to answer their questions with relevant replying to different types of users.

How to Get Training Data for AI Security Camera?

Cogito is one the leading data annotation companies, providing the image annotation services for machine learning and AI based model developments. It is also providing the training data for AI security camera for object detection and recognition in various natural environments.

It is also providing training data for face recognition system in AI with best level of accuracy to detect the human faces of different genders. Cogito is working with team of well-trained and highly skilled annotators to annotate the images and other data with next level of accuracy. It is also providing the data annotation services for machine learning and deep learning in AI for various fields.                          


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