Data Collection Companies for Machine Learning

Data collection services to collect data and organize in the right manner to make it usable and accessible for wide range of industries need data for various needs. Cogito provides the data collection services with fully automated and scalable solution to collect and organize the different types of data in the right manner. It is fully involved in data annotation and tagging to make the data recognizable to machines.

The Data collection services offered by Cogito is fully organized in right manner to make it usable for machine learning and AI training. For natural language processing, data collection by Cogito works like a building an extremely reliable datasets collected only from reliable sources. The data collection process followed here consists of gathering the most relevant data from reliable sources.

Data Collection Companies

Data Collection for Machine Learning  

Developing an AI or machine learning based model, a huge amount of data set is required and Cogito is expert in doing this job carefully to collect the data for machine learning and AI developments. Actually, the data required for machine learning should be accurate and reliable to train the models learn precisely and do the predictions in highly accurate manner. 

Data Gathering in Machine Learning is an important task, as such data further need to be labeled or annotated to make it recognizable to machines through natural language processing or computer vision technology. So, while collecting the data it is also considered it will be annotated by the annotators to make it fully recognizable to robotics or machines and learn from such data.

Data Collection Companies

Cogito is one of the leading data collection companies, providing a complete data solution with collection, classification and annotation facility to supply high-quality data set for machine learning and AI. Cogito is expert in making the data available in format of images to be used to train the AI models through computer vision and it is all done in a highly safe environment.

CCPA data protection

Cogito is certified with SOC 2 Type 1 data quality certification and compliant with GDPR and CCPA data protection and security standards to keep the data secured and confidential during the processing. It is known for keeping the data control at system and organizational level making the data collection classification and annotation process complete secured and reliable. 

Originally published at Here on March 25, 2020.


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