How To Improve Visual Search Based Online Results With Better Relevancy?

Visual search technology helps search engines to bring the best results based on images used in search box. It helps to show the most relevant images as per the query of the searcher to give them the best results meeting their requirements through visual search.

Hence, improving the visual search is more important to improve the search results and help the users enjoy the power of visual search technology and get the most suitable results. And to improve the search results, a right algorithm need to be used to train the AI model.

Enhance the Results with Image-based Searching

People shopping online or through ecommerce store, sometimes find few products in their real-life more interesting and eye-catching, so they look for similar products on such online stores.

And visual search technology can help them to find the similar products by allowing them to capture the image of that product and search on the ecommerce site. The search engine of ecommerce store shows the most relevant results helping people to get the similar products.

Visual search technology represents the products as per the relevancy instead of popularity among the customers. And customers can find similar products similar to colors, shapes, patterns and styles with best level of accuracy making the online searching experience more productive.

improve visual search

Computer Vision Training with Machine Learning  

Just like humans, computers also needs a vision to detect, identify and recognize the different types of products and look for the similar products on the web. Hence, there is need to make such images recognizable to machines (search engine) through computer vision.

Image annotation or data labeling is the right process that can make such images recognizable to machines through machine learning and deep learning. Once, the AI model is trained to show the most accurate the results learnt from the visual search training data.

Visual Search Solution with Right Service Provider

And to improve the visual based search results, you need to train the algorithms trained with most relevant and suitable results that can give online searchers most promising results. Making the visual searching experience more productive and pertinent.

And enhancing the search engine algorithms, means you need to train the algorithms with most relevant results, as per the different attributes helping the different types of customers get the perfect results. There are various companies providing the visual search solution to online service providers or ecommerce stores to utilize the AI-based visual search solution and give the most accurate results.

improve visual search

Improve the Visual Image Search with Cogito

To improve your search results, you need a right visual search solution provider that can help you to make the visual search technology work in the more relevant way. Cogito is one the best visual search solution provider with the expertize in data and image annotation to make the computer vision based technology work with better results and efficiency.

Cogito provides visual image search services that helps to increase engagement and conversion rates while improving the the recommendation engine with visual signal to give more relevant results. Hence, improving the overall performance of the search engines allowing the online search to enjoy the visual-search based online shopping to get the products as per their choice, color and sizes etc. Source


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