OCR Transcription Services and Process by Cogito

Transcribe all types of images and extract the contents to transcribe into other manuscripts like texts to make it readable or understandable to different types of people. Cogito offers OCR transcription services to different industries and sectors with best level of accuracy.

OCR Transcription Services Offered by Cogito:

  • OCR for Online Products
  • OCR for Insurance Claims
  • OCR for Survey Reports
  • OCR of Medical Reports
  • OCR for Invoices & Bills
  • OCR of Handwritten data
  • OCR of Legal Documents
  • OCR for Account Statements

All types of these documents and digital papers are transcribed here for OCR making the useful information available to different types of users as per their customize requirements. Actually, the whole process is done manually, using the precise OCR tools or software and verified by experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of transcription.

OCR Transcription

Process of OCR Transcription Followed by Cogito

OCR Data Collection

First of OCR data is collected by Cogito team available in the document formats of your business are converted into the digital form. The data is available as the scanned files through convenient data transfer system to ensure the privacy and safety of data.

OCR Data Analysis

After receiving the data of OCR documents, the requirement of client’s data in analyzed entry work to select the best tools or software to perform the transcription process successfully.

Performing the OCR Services

Now with the help of OCR technology, our experts can capture the data from digital documents and enter data into required file formats of your type and as per your specifications.

Cleanup the OCR Services

To ensure the error free database of your business, our team also performs OCR cleanup services to correct and rectify the OCR documents errors resourcefully.

Submission of OCR Files to Clients

When the transcription process is completed, Cogito team starts sending the final files of processed documents in the required formats to the clients using the secured systems.

OCR Transcription

Why outsourcing OCR Transcription to Cogito?

Outsourcing with Cogito means your data for OCR will be processed in in safe hands. As Cogito is SOC 2 Type 1 complained company, ensure the data protection and privacy while taking the preventive measures at the international standards to deliver a completed secured data.

Cogito team has comprehensive understanding of providing OCR transcription services with right solution. You will get the best quality service with absolute satisfaction and project delivery faster than your expectations. It can solve all types of transcription needs within few steps using the right combination of humans and powerful automation for delivering the best-in-class accuracy. Originally published at Here on March 17, 2020.


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