How and from Where Get Virtual Assistant Training Data for your Business?

Virtual assistant training is possible only when you have the right data to make learn the algorithms through speech recognition and natural language processing technology. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are the best examples are virtual assistant answering the questions of people across the world.

Actually, Virtual assistant are automated answering devices works on machine learning and AI to answer the various types of questions asked by the humans in global as well as in their native language. User can use their voice and ask anything and a voice recorded in machines through language processing algorithms give the most relevant answers in the same language.

How to Train a Virtual Assistant?

To train the virtual assistant devices you need huge amount of data sets labeled for NLP and NLU for speech recognition to machines. And to train such NLP based models you need choose the right algorithm and ample amount of data sets for precise training of virtual assistant.

Apart from answering the general questions, if virtual assistant devices get well-trained, it can compose and send mail on your voice command or launch the applications or apps on your laptop or gadget and many more. All these need right type and quantity of training data sets to perform such tasks accurately and make your life easier in terms of performing the day-to-day tasks effortlessly.

How to get Virtual Assistant Data?

To get the virtual assistant training data for AI model, you need to get in touch with machine learning training data service provider that can provide such data for virtual assistant development. Cogito is providing the virtual assistant training data with best quality and accuracy.

The virtual assistant training data created here available for different languages and providing a feasible solution to developers utilize the power of data labeling and integrate the NLP or NLU based human communication system into machines with expected results in real-life use.

Why Virtual Assistant with Cogito?

Cogito is known for providing multiple types of AI and machine learning related services. It has not only the enrich experience and technical know-how in providing the training data set for virtual assistant development but also have infrastructural facilities and skilled team to give the quality results.

It is also dedicatedly involved in data annotation and image annotation services to provide the world-class high-quality data sets for machine learning and deep learning based AI developments in multiple fields. You can get training data sets for various fields like healthcare, retail, agriculture, automotive, autonomous flying, smart cities, robotics and many more as per the client customize needs. Source


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  1. I a new Freelancing Virtual Assistant..I find this site very well written and interesting..keep it up


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