Moderating User-Generated Content on Social Media

Content moderation to control the different types spam on social media and other similar online platform posted by users using different types of devices. Cogito is the offering user-generated content moderation for companies, corporates, organizations, enterprises and individual personalities to watch their official online account on social media and other platforms.

UGC at Cogito helps to monitor social media posts, comments, feedbacks, reviews and other types of contents like images and videos containing the objectionable contents are monitored and reviewed by the moderators before getting live. Moderators check all types of contents and review if there is any unfavorable content, are either removed or edited before allowing on such online portals.

user-generated content moderation

Content Moderation Services offered by Cogito:

  • UGC for Image Moderation Service
  • UGC for Video Moderation Service
  • Social Media Content Moderation
  • UGC for Company Brand Protection
  • UGC for Effective Online Campaign
  • UBG by Cogito with Flexible Pricing
  • Customized UGC Service by Cogito

Cogito is sorting good from bad, improving the reputation and brand image of your company. Moderators at Cogito can detect spam or objectionable contents easily and take out the unsuitable content with accuracy and dedicated resources within your budget. Cogito provides the real-time content moderation service protecting reputation of brand and goodwill of your company at affordable pricing.


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