AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Healthcare training data for AI and ML development is available right here at Cogito with best level of accuracy to make sure the model is developed with right prediction. The healthcare training data for AI and ML available here in the form of annotated medical images like X-rays, MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound to make the malady recognizable to machines through computer vision helping doctors for better treatment.

Cogito is known for medical imaging solution for healthcare AI and ML algorithms training. It is creating the high-quality data sets in terms of annotated X-rays, MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound with precision allowing machines to recognize such patterns in real-life model use and predict the results accurately.

machine learning in healthcare

Cogito Healthcare Training Data for Following Needs:

  • Diagnostic of Radiology Reports X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs
  • Medical Imaging Analysis and Pattern Recognition
  • Managing Medical Records and Other Data
  • Pathology Reports analysis for rapid diagnoses
  • Skin Image Analysis and Personalized Treatment
  • Diagnosis of diseases like Glaucoma or Diabetic
  • Digital Consultation and Precision Medicine
  • Treatment Design and Medication Management
  • Retinopathy through medical image analysis
  • Health Monitoring and Virtual Patient Care
  • Drug Creation and Healthcare System Analysis
  • Disease Management and Clinical Trials

Cogito is know for generating high-quality structured and de-identified medical datasets for use in the rapid creation of machine learning algorithms, big data and healthcare and computer vision systems. It is working with team of experienced radiologists, to annotate the each medical image with right accuracy helping AI and ML developers trained the machines learning algorithms recognize such scenario in real-life use. Source


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