UGC Content Moderation Service for Better Brand Protection

Cogito offers a great place to moderate the online user generated contents posted on various online platforms. It is involved in controlling the negative reviews and antagonistic comments of customers or other people on social media and other platforms. Helping companies, brands and individual personalities, enjoy a reputed entity in the market place.

It is covering the wide-spread sources such as comments, images, videos and other formats trying to slander the reputation of the company or personality. Render all modus live content moderation, pre-moderation, post-moderation, reactive moderation, automated moderation, distribution moderation and commercial content moderation as per the needs.

content moderation services

UGC Moderation at Cogito with Following Edge:

  • Real-Time content Moderation Services
  • Round-the-clock Coverage for Most of the Nations
  • Multi-language Supporting Moderation Service
  • Scalable Solution as per the Escalation Protocols
  • Committed to Moderate with Best Accuracy
  • Works with Technocrats Human Moderators
  • Maintains the Quality and Affordable pricing

Cogito provides spam content detection services to remove spam contents from the social media and other online platforms and take away unsuitable content, whether it is an image or video and audios etc. It is working with fully customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources helping clients to avail the moderation service at affordable pricing. Outsourcing the content moderation to Cogito will help you to growth your business while maintaining the goodwill and better reputation in the market place.


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