How to Detect Deepfake Videos and Images?

Deep fake or Deepfake is kind of AI-enabled technology used to create fake image and video created with the intention to either defame a well-known personality or make the content more interesting like celebrities seems saying unusual things or involved in unexpected activities.

Detecting Deepfake with normal human eye is quite difficult or you can say imposable in various cases. As it is created using the AI-supported tools or software that involves tracking the every movement and critical areas that can make such things fake.

How to Detect Deepfake?

To detect the Deepfake you can use the various various tools which is not freely available or you can take help of an expert who will recognize the unusual activities or actions that not seems genuine in the videos, gif or other types of images.

deepfake detection

Actually, there are many factors considered while detecting the deepfake like crop effects around the mouth, eyes and neck or irregular blinking of eyes, unnatural movements or inconsistent skin tones and changes in background or lighting and hair style or color and quality of video etc. that can be minutely checked only with help of an expert.

Cogito provides deepfake detection service to check the deepfakes contents like audio, video and images using the large volume of database and online sources. It is also providing training data for deepfake machine learning to develop the AI model that can detect deepfake contents with best level of accuracy.



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