Where Machine Learning as a Service Works and Where not?

Machine learning is now used develop the fully functional AI model for different fields. Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) is also working well into multiple fields like search engine where owing to searching history of the users, the recommended items are shown as per their browsing history searching interest creating to run an automated advertisement companion.

Apart from this, there are many fields MLaaS works well like automation and robots performing repetitive tasks trained through machine learning process. MLaaS is providing service businesses to choose from various natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, AI platforms and other machine learning APIs.

Tech giants like Google, IBM and Microsoft are offering machine learning as a service encompassing most of the machine learning functionalities like tools for data visualization, facial recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and deep learning with cloud services.

machine learning as a service

MLaaS likely to not work in the fields where pure decision making process is involved to execute the task as in various cases human emotions and few biased decisions are taken to get the favorable results which is not possible if you try to get the results from historical data sets used to trained the machine learning algorithms supported models.

Only big companies offering machine learning as a service providing the wide-ranging service comes into this filed. Although, they are also trying to integrate more functions into MLaaS providing a highly unified platform to develop, test and launch the ML trained models help different industries get the automated systems and solutions as per their needs.

Actually, there are many fields ample amount of training data sets are required to train the machines and maybe owing to lack of data sets MLaaS not works for various fields. However, the fields where machine learning training data for AI is required, Cogito is providing the data annotation solutions for machine learning and AI model training.

Cogito is involved in data annotation services to provide the highly annotated data sets into the form of text, video and image annotation with best accuracy. It is serving the wide-ranging sectors like healthcare, automotive, retail, ecommerce and agriculture etc. It is working with scalable solution and flexible pricing strategy to provide the service as per the means.



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