What are Transcription Services and Which Transcription Service is Best?

Basically, transcription involves converting one content into other format or languages like from audio to text, video to text and other types of highly encrypted manuscripts into readable formats. It is all about transcribing the audio or video files into written texts with the same meaning making it available in various formats in multiple languages. The transcription can be done using the tools and manually by humans depending on the situation and needs.

Types Of Transcription Services

There are different types of transcription techniques like Verbatim Transcripts Edited, Transcripts and Intelligent Transcripts are used to transcribe different types of contents in different fields. The types of transcription technique is used to convert an audio or video file into a written format as per the customize needs of clients. The transcription process followed while understanding the actual requirements and sensitivity of the contents.

Audio To Text Transcription Services

Audio-to-text transcription is one the most widely done transcription process helps to extract the words from a audio file and write them into texts that can be shared and used at other fields. While converting audio into texts each word in kept into the mind that affects the sentence meaning and make it comprehensible for end-users without losing the original message. The entire process is done by the transcribers either using the tools or manually or mix of both ensuring the original meaning even for any language.

Audio To Text Transcription

Video Transcription Services

Similarly, video transcription service involves the converting the video-to-text or audio and other readable formats. It is basically used to convert the audio from the video files to text for the people not able to listen the audio file and need the contents in the written formats. It is used into the various fields from business to legal proceeding making the visual communication available into different languages while maintaining the accuracy.

Video To Text Transcription

OCR Transcription Services

OCR transcription is basically used into business dealing that involves like decryption of encrypted languages or you can say machine coded words into human readable languages. Transcribers use the various types of tools and application to convert the various types of documents like business forms, invoices, receipt, menu, business card and Images into other formats as per the business needs and source availability.

OCR transcription

Transcription Services for Various Needs

Transcription including Audio, Video and OCR, all are performed to make contents available for various occasions seminars, meetings, political speeches, media houses, legal proceedings and educational institutions. The transcription process and formats also depends on the customize needs and affordability of the customers while ensuring their data privacy.

Which Transcription Service is Best?

Cogito is providing transcription service with offering into Audio, Video and OCR transcription for all types of business operations looking to transcribe the different types of files or documents with best level of accuracy. Working with pool of talented transcribers, Cogito offers a technology-driven best transcription services for legal division and business enterprises. It is working with right combination of humans and machine learning with audio signal processing to deliver a highly accurate and scalable transcription service at affordable pricing.


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